Ruth Nelson
Aug 23, 2021
Child Praying

Praise and Prayer

Normally, I send a prayer letter out 4 times a year, but I thought it would be nice if I posted some prayer requests here on my site for those who may want to pray more specifically throughout the year. I hope to add answers to those prayer requests also, so make sure to check back and see how God is answering your prayers.

* Please pray for my co-worker Daniel, who is sick. Pray that he will be able to get the treatment he needs and that he will know God's help and strength.

  • Praise God, Daniel was able to have his operation and all seems to have gone well. please continue to pray for recovery and healing. Thank you!
  • Daniel is now at home recovering and although still a way to go he is making progress in his recovery, thank you for praying!

* Pray for the IT Department as we organise some training for European leaders on how to use certain applications, which will hopefully help them to work and manage their teams more effectively.

  • Thank you for praying with us for this training, we have had the first of 4 or 5 training sessions and so far things have gone well. Pray that the workers will be able to put what they have learnt into practice, and that it will be a great help to them in managing their teams and communication even more effectively.

* Pray for the workshops and training I am taking to help improve my knowledge in using social media to bring information and encouragement!

* Pray for more workers/volunteers to join the IT team.

  • Praise God for volunteers who have got in contact and are willing to give of their time and expertise to help us in the department. Please continue to pray with us for more contacts to help in the days to come.
Ruth Nelson
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